Atypical Animal Alphabet - This handmade book puts a spin on the traditional children’s ABC book and turns it into a high-minded beastiary of unlikely animals for the kindergarten overachiever. An exposed French stitch matches the cover while the signatures mount to the inside back cover, imparting the illusion that the content is untethered from its shell.
Dystopian Compatibility Exam - In a future not so far away, every relationship is scrutinized by the powers that be. The price of submission for each relationship compatibility exam: A tooth from each participant is placed in the two receptacles on the tether spine (lovingly simulated in porcelain with gold fillings). There is no guarantee of approval. Is the return on the investment worth the initial pains and long term result? The post-internet world has returned a value to the commodity of friendship that was so devalued by social media, and it costs more than your time and emotional investment.
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