Hello, I'm James—the pilot. ForgeFour is the vehicle.
I believe that my work is about four things: People, Product, Process, and Passion.
Memorable things happen when these elements and an understanding of the significance of each ingredient come together. Your businesses isn't ready-made, and the way it communicates should be equally as inspired and thoughtfully cultivated. Be elegant, intelligent, and unexpected and you will be seen, and more importantly, remembered.
The creative process feeds on research, immersion, concepting, and notoriously works all hours of the day—it doesn't punch a clock and go home. The solitude of a shower or a crumpled restaurant napkin are famously the domain of creative vision and conception, sometimes more so than a desk.
There is gold to be mined in those oodles of doodles. Whether it's a post card, a one-sheet, a new website, or a full-blown branding, the same mindful and attentive process always applies.
Together we can create something oozing with passion that people will eat up and want to non-stop brag to their friends about.

Let's get to it!

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